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What a rough day. Right from the first shot, I found trouble and was unable to regroup. But I am not surprised. I know how tough the game is. Shooting 83, that score is really up there. And it could have been worse. It wasn't worse. Search for other golf courses.

Bethpage Black

 But what a great experience. Having all those people out there today, to come watch the first round of the tournament was really special. I am really happy about that. It was a lot of fun and very challenging. I just hope everyone will come back to the tournament.

I wanted to shoot my jersey number: 80. But the wheels completely fell off. Now I just have to go home, oil those wheels and get ready for tomorrow. I am happy I hung in there. My coach, Bill Walsh, always used to say that there always will be ebb and flow to everything, that you have to take the ups with the downs. Well, today I had the downs.